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Excerpt from: The Teoc Presbyterian Church (1847-1973)
Mississippi Dept of Archives and History 

When doing history research of the Teoc Presbyterian Church we turn back, the pages one hundred and twenty-eight years when there were no railroads in Mississippi North of Vicksburg, and all transportation in this area was by horses, or by river steam-boat.

The population of this section of Mississippi was very small. Very few churches were in position to support a regular pastor. There were simply not enough ministers available, perhaps twenty-five, or less, Presbyterian Ministers in the entire state. Living conditions were very unhealthy in this Delta country. Yellow fever was the most feared and dreaded disease appearing every few years and taking a great toll of lives on each appearance. These epidemics would bring about quarantines lasting for months and months.

The Teoc Church was located in the western part of Carroll County, one of the state’s largest at that time. It was reduced in size when Montgomery, Leflore and Grenada Counties were formed about twenty-five years later.

The Teoc Presbyterian Church was organized in 1847 by the Rev. James McLean with the following Elders:

David L. Redditt      N. A. Milton    –   Mr. Wingfield

Elder David L. Redditt  was the only Elder remaining as a member of the church when this part of their church history was written. Mr. Wingfield moved to Austin, Texas, about 1854. Mr. Milton also moved to Austin, Texas, in 1855 or 1856. These men are said to have been good men and gifted with prayer.

Other Elders of the early church were, as follows:

      • N. H. McCain, ordained in 1856, died in 1880.
      • William McCain, ordained in 1860, died in 1863.
      • J. Liddell, ordained in 1860, died in 1889.
      • Dr. W. W. Liddell, ordalned in 1872, died in 1875.
      • Charles G. Price, ordained in 1880, died in 1936.
      • Dr. John W. Young, ordained in 1880.

In the bright days of the church history the membership was composed largely of wealthy and influential families.

Some of the early members were:

David L. Redditt and wife           Phillip W. Hemphill

William A. McCain and wife,              Dr. Johnston

W. C. Irby and wife,                               Mrs. F .Boles

Emmett_Merriweather and wife ,           David Teale

The Yarboroughs,  Halseys,              Wiles and Harris

The following members should be mentioned as being received at a later date:

The Liddells, Youngs, Templetons, Hightowers, Grays, Willifords, Rays, Prices, Clarks, Cokelys, Amyte, Barrows, Busbys, Topps, and Jefferson families



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